Choosing the right handbags for work

Well, we’re back with a piece on choosing the best handbags for women for work. Many a time, we women make little mistakes while choosing handbags for women. These are amplified when it comes to the office which is certainly the Holy Grail of fashion excellence when it comes to maintaining a professional avatar without compromising on the style quotient (that’s how we women view it nowadays J). There are several kinds of handbags for women that are quite popular when it comes to smart online shopping for women. Research has proved (yes it’s the hard truth: P) that we look at handbags before anything else while going online shopping for women. In fact, all these contemporary distractions (in an indulgent sense) like totes, sling bags, purses and wallets sometimes take precedence over everything else in our thoughts (yes, even our boyfriends though we’ll never admit it :P).


Before going online shopping for women, you should have an idea of what is suitable to carry to work. We mostly shop online for work related clothing and accessories (as has been revealed in another study, touché J) and hence the importance of such an assessment. Attractively dressing for the office certainly goes a long way towards building confidence (and tons of male admirers in the bargain :D). Leading designers and fashion experts have gone so far as to say that a handbag can transform even the most tepid and dull outfit (thereby lending credence to our love and fondness for them!). Handbag choices should ideally go hand in hand with your own lifestyle and your job profile (yes, it matters!). A senior executive will create the wrong impression with a funky doodled purse while contemporary sling bags and totes are often not the best choices for CEOs. There are umpteen examples (some quite hilarious) of women carrying the wrong handbags to work but let’s just leave it for another day.

For executives, it always works to have striped/checked handbags for complementing business suits. Bags with beige or even darker stripes in black, brown and red are good choices in this regard. You should opt for a beige, dark tan or brown colored handbag with a nice handle if you are an executive. Your bag should be able to accommodate your pens, diary, comb, lipstick, compact, cell phone and some other things (talk of carrying your world to work if there ever was such a concept!). In case of senior management personnel, classic bags work best, preferably with big buckles. There should a clean and neat appearance with only a little hint of bling through the buckle (we’re assuming you know little does not mean Bappi Lahiri style!).

If you’re into a more relaxed and liberal profession like lecturership or the creative arts, sling bags or satchels are a good option or you might consider bigger and roomier handbags for carrying food, a purse, books and water among other essentials. Tote bags are the best options for those who want bigger and roomier bags without going over the top. Sling bags also work well in case of college students or athletes. They usually have one or a couple of long straps and this accentuates the outfit while emphasizing on the convenience which a hands-free structure affords. However, sling bags should not be overtly large and should complement the hips suitably in our opinion.

In fact, many designers opine that we Indians have started a global trend with the sling bag (power to us Indian women!). This has been copied globally and even by leading Hollywood starts. If you’re a huge fan of Friends (like most of us), you’ll notice how Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) uses a sling bag most of the time in the television series. This is the bag that is most preferred by the younger generation according to fashion experts and it certainly seems to have started a wonderful new trend of sorts. For those in media and television, bigger totes in black, cream or chocolate brown are good options along with self-printed ones. There are several shoulder bags which you should try when decked up in Indian outfits.

However, it should be mentioned that just as we Indian women love a lot of things supersized (including our chocolates, dosas and loads of other things: P), large totes are also in vogue in recent times. Shoulder bags work best if you are wearing a kurti or a salwar kameez to work or college. Acrylic bags are a strict no-no if you’ve been hoarding these complementary receivables and you should always stuff your bags with paper or plastic when they’re not being used. This helps them retain their shape (you’ll thank us for this one later!).

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