How to wear Palazzo Pants to look stylish this season

With the arrival of monsoon season, it is time to put all those tight leggings and slim fit jeans towards the back of your cupboard. The humid weather is perfect for you to sport the latest trend in town- palazzo pants. With the flair at the bottom, it keeps your legs relaxed.

Palazzo pant are the new trousers that have taken over the current fashion scenario from the runway to Palazzo online. They are not only comfortable but also versatile.They can be worn on many occasions and can easily be carried by anyone. Catch up with this latest trend to look stylish. So here are a few tips on how to wear palazzo pants to look stylish this season-

Palazzo Pants

  1. Wear high heels with palazzo pants

Palazzo pants have a huge bottom, therefore, it is not advisable to wear flats with this garment. These huge bottoms are best paired with high heels. They accentuate the style of this garment by adding the height that is needed to carry them off. Make sure that the heels you wear are stilettos and not high heels. Peep toes also do not suit these pants.

  1. Traditional look

Palazzo pants can be worn ona traditional occasion. For this look, wear a palazzo with a huge bottom. Team it up with a long embroidered kurti. You can wear this combination in pastel as well as bright colours. A fishtail plait suits this look along with minimal makeup.

  1. Casual look

If you are going out in the afternoon for a casual meet up with friends or just to spend some time with a special someone you can wear palazzos for a casual look as well. Team up your palazzo pants with a floral top that hangs just above your hips. Accessorise it with a long pendant or some silver bracelets and you are good to go. You can also opt for a floral crop top.

  1. Party wear look

Parties can be very tiring at times. But wearing Palazzo Pants can make you feel comfortable at parties. They can be worn with a bold and bright top to give you the party look. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and add some chunky bracelets to complete this look.

  1. Formal look

Palazzo pants are not the traditional choice for work but if worn properly, they can be worn to a casual business meeting. Simply wear black palazzo pants with a neatly ironed white ladies top or add a blazer if you want and tie your hair in a sleek bun.

  1. The gown effect

If you want to use your palazzo pants to give the effect of a gown,simply pair it with a long, ankle length backless kurta or top. Make sure that both the garments are of the same colour. Sleek hair best suits this look.

  1. Well fitted upper wear

In all the above looks it is essential to make sure that your upper wear is well fitted. As palazzo pants are loose, they look best with properly fitted tops.

After its fashion! Keep it peppy and you will keep rocking the look!

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