Silver Cubic Zirconia Fashion Jewelry

Today, many people have strayed from dwelling over the fact that they cannot afford real diamond earrings, so instead they have turned to silver cubic zirconia rings, earrings and other jewelry. This has become a very popular substitute for diamonds, not only because they resemble them, but because they too are hard and durable. Silver cubic zirconia fashion earrings are also very affordable – much cheaper than that of diamonds. At first, silver cubic zirconia crystals were thought of lowly, but the market has really picked up over the years. It isn’t very easy to tell the difference, but of course there are ways. Silver cubic zirconia earrings aren’t as tough as a diamond and can be crushed more easily. A specialist can also use a jeweler’s eyeglass to determine whether or not it is authentic diamond earrings or silver cubic zirconia crystals.

Cubic zirconia is a natural mineral, but very rare. In fact, it hasn’t been spotted since it was found in the 1930s. Now, silver cubic ziconia fashion jewelry are developed in the lab as a cubic form of zirconium oxide, t it is declassifies it as a mineral. With the untrained and unaided eye, it is still hard to tell the difference from a real diamond. There are some characteristics of silver cubic zirconia earrings that differ from diamonds. For one, silver cubic zirconia jewelry are lighter than diamonds. Surprisingly, the silver cubic zirconia crystals are 75% heavier than diamonds. When compared in carats, the cubic zirconia is 1.75 carats and a diamond of the same size is 1 carat. The silver cubic zirconia fashion earrings are also more brittle, yet flawless. Diamonds usually have impurities and additions. When looking at silver cubic zirconia fashion earrings, you will notice that it has more fire, which is described as having flashes of color. Diamonds are more brilliant and sparkle more.

The real cubic zirconia mineral was found in 1937; the minerals contained small crystals, which were said to be the cubic form of the zirconium – thus how it received its name. In the 1970s, scientists discovered how to grow the crystals in the lab. In 1977, silver cubic zirconia fashion earrings hit the market as Djevalite. It wasn’t until the 80s when silver cubic zirconia fashion earrings became widely created and consumed.

Now all types of silver cubic zirconia fashion earrings can be found and bought. There are various styles and designs available, such as chandelier, dangle, hoops and studs. Since silver cubic zirconia fashion jewelry aren’t truly authentic, it is important that you take special care of them. Use regular jewelry cleaner or detergent. A brush can be used to remove dirt, oil and other substances. Make sure that when you clean the silver cubic zirconia stones with detergent or other soap to ensure that you completely dry them off. This will help to keep residue from forming, which will cause them to become dull. Residue from your skin is also left on the gems, so make sure to clean your silver cubic zirconia stones frequently.

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