Tips on Making a Smart Online Purchase of Shoes

Going to store to purchase your shoes is fast becoming an outgoing trend. The new trend is buying shoes online. It is not only convenient and time saving but it is also cost effective as they are often cheaper than stores. They also offer you a one stop solution to choose from a greater variety and numerous brands right from the comfort of your home. But before buying shoes online, some guidelines should be kept in mind. Here are some of the things that you need to consider –

Online Purchase of Shoes

  • Be aware of your shoe size – The biggest hurdle when purchasing online is to know the correct size. Moreover different brands have a slight variation in sizes. This makes purchasing shoes of correct fit, a precarious issue. Hence it is advisable to get your feet measured by a professional store and know its measurement and shoe size. You can also purchase a Brannock foot measurer which is a tool employed for measuring the length and width of the foot. This minimizes possibility of any size error. Various brands also have an online catalogue of sizes with which you can compare your foot size and eliminate brand size error.

Be aware of your shoe size

  • Know the requirement of your feet – Simply knowing the size of your foot is not enough. You should also be aware of any foot issue like flat feet or any other conditions or whether it is wide, average or narrow. The socks would also affect the choice and size. Thick socks would often require one size up for your feet to remain comfortable.

feet to remain comfortable

  • Remember to read the return policy – Since you are physically not feeling the material of the shoes or its level of hardness, the shoes may not turn out to your liking once you actually receive it. Hence it’s always advisable to read out and clearly comprehend the return as well as exchange policy of the online store from where you are finally purchasing the shoe. Sometimes there are minimal fees attached and certain other conditions which are mandatory for any purchaser. Sometimes some shoes on sale do not have any return policy available for them.

the return policy

  • Keep a tab on shipping charges and rates – Due to growing e commerce competition, the exact shoe may have variation in prices on different websites. Hence it’s advisable to check prices in different leading online store. Some site may also have variable shipping charges and some may offer some discounts with certain conditions. This would affect the net cost incurred by you and thus should be taken into consideration. Today there are specialized sites available which actually compare and give you the net cost of a particular shoe when purchased from different websites and thus helps you in making the correct decision.

shipping charges and rates

Purchasing shoes bearing the following tips will ensure a smart purchase of shoes you. Do not forget to check out J Craig Footwear to see new collection of shoes every week.

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